Single Is Not Sinful! Part III

You will not always be part of a twosome for every single day of your journey on earth. The reality is that your soul mate may die, you may get divorced, you may grow apart, you may live apart, you may find him or her in your sunset years, you may have several soul mates over time and not just one. Or, and this is the option that many don’t want to entertain, this may not be a part of your destiny. Monks and priests take an active approach to this, but for some of us, we may have periods, some more extended than others, where we are single.

Do you rate being single with disrupting your purpose?

Have you ever embraced this as a form of communication from God? That He is either preparing you for someone or simply, that your purpose and destiny is not within the construct of society’s ‘happily ever after’? Or that His purpose for you is something much greater? Do you rate being single with disrupting your purpose? Do you even know your purpose? Every human being is a soul searching for its earthly purpose.


When you enter into a relationship with someone, even momentarily, their pain-bodies and yours are intermingled. Add children, in-laws, families, friends, colleagues and so on into the mix, and it can get quite crowded. If you have not done the necessary ‘work’ on your side and they theirs, this is how we unconsciously bring chaos into our lives. Chaos has the potential to lead to enlightenment and self-growth, but it’s easy to see how we can get side-tracked. Being single offers an opportunity to be undistracted by relationship and familial responsibilities.


If you are single and feel any discomfort about it, you have no choice but to find the peace and happiness, that only self-love can bring, before you entertain the domain of another. And finding your purpose and making a difference may be the very ‘distraction’ that could lead to a life of infinite possibility.



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